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Hi. My name is Deas Plant. Welcome to my web site. This site is about spiritual, personal and psychic development, the release of emotional pain and stress and regaining control of your life. Spiritual growth, love, emotional pain release and understanding yourself are all part of reaching the fullest potential that each of us is capable of achieving in our lives.  Higher spirituality is seldom achieved over-night, but usually requires years of patient work and dedication to acquire the spiritual knowledge and understanding that brings this development. Hopefully, these pages will provide you with some of the tools and ideas that you may need to make your journey a little easier.

This Index page has a list of links to other pages of this site as well as some imported html's. Each of these pages is complete within itself with the exception of 'Love Is A Verb', which is actually 3 pages, 'Love 2' and 'Love 3' being the other parts of it.

'The Pain Release Pages', including 'The Bottom Line 3', and the 'Personal Responsibility' page are intended to be read together as they are complementary to each other.
'Quotes and Links' has a collection of quotes that I and others have found interesting and/or useful over the years plus a list of links to other related sites that have similar or complementary material or other ideas and practices related to spiritual development. 'Links 2' has the beginnings of another page of links.

I hope you are able to find something of use to you in these pages. If you do, or if you simply like the site, please recommend it to others that they may also enjoy it.

Yours in truth, simplicity and love.
                                                        Deas Plant.  
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(The Pain Release Pages and Personal Responsibility are intended to be read together.)
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