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This page was last updated on: December 12, 2016
Hello. My name is Deas Plant and I am the author of The Simple Little Development Book. This page exists to tell people what there is about me that qualifies me (or does not qualify me) to write  book about Personal and Spiritual development.

I was born in Perth, Western Australia, 72 years ago, to parents who both had a farming background. When I was 6 weeks old we moved (That is, my parents moved me.) back to the family farm, 120 miles east of Perth. There, I continued growing up and was eventually joined by a brother and 2 sisters as and when our parents saw fit to have them. When I was almost 10, the family moved to the South Coast of Western Australia (I helped with the moving this time.) where I continued my schooling to 3rd year high school. The only schooling I have had since has been in the University Of Hard Knocks.

At age 15, I started work on wheat/sheep farms 300 miles from home. That tends to teach a body self-reliance. The 2nd farm that I worked on had a small bulldozer which I learned to operate. After 2 years of operating the small machine, I got all big-headed and started thinking I ought to be able to operate a big one too. With this aim in mind, I left the farms and took a job as a learner operator on a bigger bulldozer -- and found that I could operate it. I have spent most of the last 35 years operating many different types of earth-moving machines -- and enjoying it. That teaches a person versatility and adaptability.

In late 1970, I started attending Spiritual Development circles in Perth and later in Sydney when I moved there in the course of my work. In these circles, we were initiated into researching our own information,  sorting out what was useful to us, putting the gathered information to work in our own lives and public speaking (delivering the researched information). We also learned something of the arts of  discussion  (exchange of ideas), debate (presenting your point of view), negotiating (getting what you want by agreeing to give some-one else something that they want) and personal relating (accepting people as they are without judgement or criticism).  

Other subjects studied in these circles included Psychic Development (being aware of things that many others aren't aware of) and Spiritual Healing (laying on of hands). This last led me to also study several other healing methods including massage (3 different types), Touch For Health (Kinesiology) and Re-birthing (dealing with past issues through specialised breathing techniques). Each of these disciplines has helped me to know myself better and be a more useful member of society - I think (therefore I am - over-qualified to work here). Although I don't practise these for a living, I often find myself using bits and pieces of them to help others to help themselves. 

In 1980, I started running development circles myself and immediately
found that people were reporting good results and learning to understand themselves better. (Thank you to the people who ran the circles that I sat in earlier for their examples.) From around 1978 when I started to get involved in Spiritualist Churches, I found that some people who would be teachers would use long words, obscure terms and complicated phraseology to talk about very complex ideas and beliefs which really didn't seem to have much practical value. It didn't take long to coin the phrase, "intoxicated by the exuberance of their own verbosity", to describe these people who, although many are well-meaning, appear to have allowed their minds to become "so elevated as to be of no Earthly use". To help people find an easier, more down to earth way of developing themselves, I wrote The Simple Little Development Book to pass on the ideas and methods that have worked for me and for many others. That's it -- and me.
Yours in Truth, Love and Simplicity, Deas Plant.
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