The Ultimate Goal.
Different people will have different specific ideas about what they consider to be their ultimate goals. The thoughts on this page are not intended to replace anbody's personal goals. They are intended to present an overall view and to give people food for thought.

In Love Is A Verb 3, I wrote about "The (Pen)Ultimate Goal" as being Unconditional Love and I will quote from that page here.

This is the (pen)ultimate goal of life here on this physical plane. (Earth) What the term 'unconditional love' means is that you love every one and everything equally and unreservedly, regardless of who or what they are, have been or might become. There are absolutely NO conditions or expectations with this kind of love. It is given freely and equally to everyone and everything in creation. This does not mean that some-one who loves unconditionally approves of everything that they see, hear or feel around them. They just choose not to judge or condemn but to love it anyway. 'Greater love hath no man or woman than that they will give up their judgement (discriminations and prejudices as well) for love of their fellow humans'."

Now you may have noticed that I bracketed "(pen)" before "ultimate". The reason for this is that I believe there is another step beyond individual unconditional love that can be engaged in here on the physical plane. I call this The Ultimate Goal.

When you have achieved unconditional love, you will almost certainly have been engaging in teaching and assisting others along their paths to their goals for some time. This is an almost unavoidable result of progressing along the path to unconditional love. It happens because people who are themselves seeking answers and development notice that you are further along the path than they feel they are and they start asking questions of you.

In my own case, although I am still some little way from achieving TOTALLY unconditional love, I have been teaching and assisting others for well over 25 years. I have always regarded whatever knowledge and understanding that I may have gathered as being the property of the Universe and belonging to everybody and everything in it. I am simply a custodian of this knowledge and my purpose in having it is to distribute it to those who want it. As I see it, this is my contribution to the Ultimate Goal.

The ULTIMATE GOAL is to have EVERY SOUL everywhere, on the physical planes and on the spirit planes, achieve unconditional love. This goal is not going to be easy to achieve and it is NOT the responsibility of any ONE person to achieve. However, I believe each of us has a responsibility to do what we can to help both ourselves and others to achieve that goal. The more souls who accept that responsibility, the further along the path toward the Ultimate Goal we ALL are. When EVERY soul has accepted that responsibility, we will all be well on the way to this goal.

I would point out here that achieving this goal will be far from easy, especially in view of the intransigent attitudes of certain sectors of this planet's communities at this time. This is not to either judge or criticise these people. They all have their own lessons to learn as well as being a part of our lessons and we are also a part of their lessons. EVERY soul is inextricably connected in this journey of learning and progressing toward the Ultimate Goal.

Those of us who are consciously walking this path can not coerce or direct others to walk the path, We can only lead and be a beacon to others through the example of our own love and understanding. We can answer all requests for help honestly and truthfully without reservation or judgement, giving the best that we have at the time. We then need to let go of the result and not have any expectations of what the recipient(s) of our help might do with what we have given them. This is in essence no different from being a healer and letting go of the results of whatever healing we may give or channel.

We can not either live others lives for them or tell them how to live their lives. We can only live our own lives to the best of our ability, in as loving, understanding and compassionate a manner as we can and let that be our example to others. BUT, the more of us who are doing this, the more quickly we will all progress toward the Ultimate Goal.